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GMC, founded by William Durant in 1908, was a holding company of Buick, which was also managed by Durant. Later that year, Olds joined Normal Motors, after which Durant acquired Cadillac in Elkmore, Auckland and several other small independent car companies. GMC also acquired Rapid Motor Car or the Pontiac truck organization and Reliance Engine Truck Corporation, which served as predecessors of GMC Truck.


Durant lost control of the company in 1910 and almost gave him as much as the confidence of a banker, but he quickly recovered with the help of broker Louis Chevrolet. Together they formed the Chevrolet organization. He bought Louis just after 6 decades, which made him the sole owner of Chevrolet, and in 1918 he took control of GMC. Two years later he was forced to leave the business.

Common Motors began to open its plants in Europe and acquired smaller purchases, such as Vauxhall Motors Ltd. from the UK The company introduced its line of automobiles, starting with the first Pontiac, and then pursued LaSalle Cadillac, its first luxury car .

GMC Envoy used cars

In the 1940s, GM lost control of Adam Opel AG in Germany and closed its operations in Japan to concentrate its main production operations in the war. General Motors exceeded this era and became the leading automobile manufacturer in the United States. Its tradition of innovation was continuously established with its introduction of the V8 engines in its Cadillac line and the Olds mobile Coupe de Ville debuted in 1949 as Cadillac’s first hardback, and a year later, Chevrolet launched the Power glide transmission, which became in the main brand that offers fully automatic speed changes. . The Corvette was shipped 3 years later, which was one of the most iconic cars in the profession.

GMC Envoy used cars come with satellite radio, stability control, ABS and OnStar brakes.

The envoy comfortably accommodates four to five people, and is also equipped with a CD player with cruise control. The gmc near me envoy has front and top airbags for both rows. In 2008, he also received five stars for a side impact test. The cargo hold is 43 cubic feet and can be extended to 80; It also has a roof rack option that can help with storage. As you can see, you get a good set of features that new cars and trucks have today.


GMC, together with its manufacturers, is the second largest automaker in the world. The current economic problems affect the company, however, it does not end with its historical past.