Portable Cattle Panels for Inexpensive Livestock Handling

The various equipment needed to process livestock does not always have to be very expensive. Contrary to what many may believe, such products are not really that expensive and can be purchased at reasonable prices to meet a goal. There are many effective solutions available in the market in the form of portable cattle panels that are 100% portable and can be used for a variety of purposes, including cattle processing, a loading ramp and a milking frame. For people who spend packages on livestock, especially livestock, this is the best investment they can spend.

Size of speciesbest panels for livestock

The expensive conventional panels of cattle available in the market only work with a certain size of species, while the portable panels for cattle work with full-size livestock and many other breeds, such as calves, pigs, goats, sheep and horses. It may be necessary to spend a considerable amount to obtain a bright truss with smooth panels, gutters and custom doors for each type. Therefore, to be economical, you should start looking for local agricultural stores that offer good products at reasonable prices. Corral panels are an excellent option, since they are made of high quality steel tubes and generally have a height of six rods, which is always useful for livestock.

At one end of the panel there are a pair of contacts, and on the other, a receiver for a quick connection. The floodgates of these panels come in two different sizes, 4 ‘and 6’, each side has the same type of plug and receiver design to match the best panels for livestock. However, to work with large populations, farmers are advised to find 6-foot doors, as they are much safer and more effective to achieve results. In the case of smaller cattle, the sheet of plywood or even an old door with holes can do the job. In addition, it is more suitable to isolate and immobilize a single animal to assess body condition, treatment and vaccination.


Well-coordinated alleys, through which most livestock lead to numerous permanent pastures, should be almost 16 feet wide, and the poles should be in a straight line. In this way, you can easily attach the power panel to the posts in the streets, creating retaining / fixing panels in a way that does not harm the environment. These livestock panels are also extremely useful for more than one form of livestock, since they can be used for several species.