Relation between two diplomatic neighbor in Asia


India and China possesses a diplomatic relationship. China is one of the neighbor of India and there are many moment which prove the intense relationship between India and china. Recently, Doklam news stir up the hostility among India and China but India is also having a great opportunity for China that’s why diplomatically they suppressed this moment. China is the second largest economy of the world and wanted to be the biggest economy so they have to build the bridge between India and China.

Reset once again

In 1988, Rajiv Gandhi’s had tried to bend the friendship bond between china india relations but after that there were no one to lead in order to create a bonhomie relationship between them. Recently, in 2018 the present prime minister has shown the interest to a bridge the gap between Indo- Sino relationship and this try results in great consequence. The main idea behind the summit is to lessen the terrestrial dispute including Doklam standoff. India is always a great market for China but the indigenous move of India is also going parallel such as Made in India and many more. Instead of that India is the center of investment because the government has announced the ease of doing business for any country in the world.

Impact of the friendship

In June 2018, when Indian prime minister Mr. Nerendra Modi met with Chinese Prime minister Xi Jinping, the critics all around the world were surprise about the meeting because before some month both country was struggling with Doklam Dispute. Hence both the leader had chosen the path of mutual understanding in order to counter many territorial as well as international issues. But the diplomatic India-China relationship has become a throne to eye for country like USA which has a great relation With India now days and we know US and China are not on the same page. So India has to maintain the relation between US and China as well.


China united states relations is not up to the mark as US government has introduced Made in America move. This discontinuity can affect much country in the world such as India and Malaysia. The impact of new US- China trade war will be seen on BRICS country as well because China is the main Constituent of the BRICS country and surely they will come up with a diplomatic idea against US and this will have a great consequence on the world page.