Best Place To Have Your Own Office

When you have your own small business running up, you may not need a big office setup by paying rentals every month increasing the financial burden on you. At the same time, your home may not be the ideal place to have the business visitors meeting you up regarding the business issues. You will prefer to have some professional setup with all the facilities to run the business but no need to monthly or recurring commitment attached to it.

Have state of art facilities for very low cost

This coworking space singapore offers you world class facilities for very much low cost. You can pretty much book for any period of time from a day to month. It all depends what is your requirement and how long you need the access. On one hand, you may have visitors on scheduled days only; you can call and block the dates for that purpose alone. You don’t need to book whole period. It is pretty much flexible for the clients to have access for a day alone also. Even if you have last minute appointment, you can call and book the hot desk for the meeting and get the access card for your entry. Also, they work around the clock, so there is no time restriction also when you can come or leave.

coworking space

There are two options like, hot desk and private office. Hot desk is the one in which you use the available desk which is free at the time of booking and you won’t get any private locker setup or free meeting rooms and other perks that comes with the private office. If you need sudden access for private office you can always book that for additional serviced office rental though. In the Hot Desk plan, you will get business grade internet access along with pantry, daily cleaning as part of the plan.

Meeting rooms are equipped with the video conferencing facilities also. You will have access to video conferencing if you have booked the meeting room. Only condition is that you can’t book the meeting room alone. You have chosen any of our plans to book the meeting room.