What are the types of web proxy servers?

Everyone will love to get connected with their favorite website. If the site is blocked, it will make us more irritating. By the way, we will search for the proxy server to get access for the blocked sites. Proxy servers are the sites that acts as an intermediary for the requests that clients makes while surfing. When clients are requesting for the particular resource that is blocked from their server, proxy server acts as an intermediary source that will make the access possible. Depending on the purpose, proxy types differs and the use of common protocol differs. There are various types of proxy servers. Listed here are few common types of proxy servers.


  • Anonymous proxy

The anonymous proxy server will identify itself as a proxy server. This will hide its original IP address while making requests. Mostly this kind of proxy server is detectable but also it will provide reasonable anonymity for major users.

  • High anonymity proxy

This will not identify itself as proxy server to the destination site. This will also hide the IP address and does not include any of the original details. Using this type of proxy server is highly anonymous.

  • Reverse proxy

Being a proxy server it does not enforce any kind of local policies. This kind of proxy is used to pass requests along the internet and the firewall is isolated with the private network. This kind of server is used to prevent internet users to have direct access to the contents that are blocked from the data residing in the isolated servers.

  • Transparent proxy

This does not have privacy over internet access. The remote computer knows your IP address and the ability to cache the website is not effective. The use of this kind of proxy may lead to IP ban.

  • Distorting proxy

This kind of free proxy identifies itself as proxy and provides an incorrect IP address available through the HTTP headers.

  • Intercepting proxy

This is also known as transparent proxy which is a combination of both proxy servers along with a gateway. The connections to this proxy are redirected to the client side configuration. This is also detectable buy using little security thread and the header can be easily identified. This will lead to IP ban faster and easier.

Listed here are some of the proxy servers and everything will vary depending upon the usage. The server will differ with the control and code.