A Game of Chance or a Game of Skill

Do you love the game of poker? Are you ready to bet some real money on it? Well, if you are confident enough then get going. Any successful poker player will tell you that poker isn’t a game of luck. Yes, it’s true; poker is more of a game of skills. Chris Moneymaker, winner of the WSOP Main Event in 2003, once rightly said, “The beautiful thing about poker is that everybody thinks they can play.”

Online poker rooms attract millions of beginners’ everydayand in the last year alone generated revenue of $5 billion in global gross winnings. Obviously, all these winnings weren’t just made by the skilled, luck played its part too. But to make constant winnings and get a steady inflow of money, you need skills.

Skill vs. luck – what drives your victory?

The key question is whether luck dominates skill or it works the other way round. If you’re a beginner you’d only face constant failures until you come up with your own strategy for your gameplay. But you might make some lucky draws and wins, once in a while. But you can’t expect to be lucky all the time, if you don’t develop your tactics and skills.

The point here is that luck can help you make some winnings, but you definitely need some skills to make it a winning streak. It’s all about making the right move on the right time. Many successful poker legends like Doyle Brunson and Phil Hellmuth have made their way into the Poker Hall of Fame not just with pure luck. This proves that without skills, you can’t just get lucky enough to make a great win.

The tipping point

Many of the online players are not ready to bet some real money until they are very sure of their game. If you were to compare a bunch of skilled and unskilled players, you can easily find their tipping point. Skilled players will obviously do better than their counterparts in most of the games. That makes poker a game of skill.

Of course, the skilled player in you would celebrate this revelation. You can now bask in satisfaction because the game you love demands genuine proficiency. You aren’t going to win everytime you use your skills; you need to constantly develop them to ace the game. Anyway, the truth is that talent will always triumph over blind luck.

Poker has legal implications

Poker has claimed to be a game of skill and this has shaped legislation for years. Poker in UK is strictly considered to be a game of skill and the players don’t have to pay any tax on their winnings. But in some countries, Poker is still considered a game of luck and is subjected to strict laws. Since the passing of Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006, online poker is considered illegal in most US states.

Poker players will always argues that their game is only for the skilled. If you think you are a skilled poker player and your country allows online gambling, then you can very well start playing poker online. A lot of skill and a bit of luck is more than enough to make a good winning.